About the Project

Have you ever heard about sustainable development? What about environmental protection? And climate change - we bet you heard of that as well.

Now, do you know that there are many interesting initiatives that are working on making our planet literally greener and better? Yes! 

But! Who and where are they? From whom do we learn? Who sets the good example that we can follow?

Well, these are the questions that we want to answer and find all those change-makers, highlight them and unite into a productive network, that will unite people alike.

Let's find those who do the work that matters and learn from them! Together!


This Expedition is a project by Meridian Learning Center  -  it is a source, where you can learn about sustainable development practices and stay updated on ongoing processes. It is our ambition to create an active self-sustained community,  that will develop this project, thus contributing to the increased public visibility and support of the change-makers of the world.

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