Our Team 

Ms. Alina Titova-Nielsen

Russian-Danish adventurer and mountain-climber

Holds a masters degree in development processes. 



Mr. Vasily Ryabov

Former diplomat,

specialist in international relations 



Mr. Yuri Gorlyshev


Responsible for the technological aspect of the expedition



and Mr.Bear

(the best travel companion ever)


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© 2020 The Meridian Expedition


The Meridian Expedition is a vertical transglobal ethnographic expedition aimed at the promotion of scientific research in the field of sustainable development.

The primary goal of the ethnographic aspect is to depict the daily lives of local populations. It is important to share the traditions, the cultures, the languages, and the humanity in each country with the outer world to spark interest in these regions. It is also important to place less weight on political matters so as to show another side of life - the one without politics. Simply put – this aspect of the expedition is about the documentation and analysis of a particular culture through field study and conveying the information to a wider audience.


The matters of scientific research will be covered by traveling to the regions most exposed to the process of climate change and human influence. We believe it is time to make scientists and their research popular, especially in the Arctic and the Antarctic regions, which are the perfect examples of global cooperation as people work together with no regard for nationality and origins. The Meridian expedition is conceived as a platform for the international scientific association where scientific research work can unite people across their ethnicities.