The Meridian Expedition is a vertical transglobal ethnographic expedition aimed at the promotion of scientific research in the field of sustainable development.


We believe it is time to make scientists and their research popular. The Meridian Expedition is conceived as a platform for the international scientific association where scientific research work can unite people across their ethnicities.

Our goal is to show the public that in all parts of the planet, there are talented researchers who dedicate their lives to a larger goal.

We are very interested in visiting development initiatives, to highlight innovations, scientific research as well as smart and modern solutions, in particular in the field of sustainable development and to help them promote works around the world.

The objective is to draw worldwide attention to projects and research already carried out and to attract the interest of young people of the world to intelligent initiatives.

Nowadays every major media resource is talking about the problems of the world. We are here to show the solutions, already applied and developed.

Let's make the smart people of the world popular together!

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