About the Project

Have you ever heard about sustainable development? What about environmental protection? And climate change - we bet you heard of that as well.

Now, do you know that there are many interesting initiatives that are working on making our planet literally greener and better? Yes! 

But! Who and where are they? From whom do we learn? Who sets the good example that we can follow?

Well, these are the questions that we want to answer and find all those change-makers, highlight them and unite into a productive network, that will unite people alike.

Let's find those who do the work that matters and learn from them! Together!


This Expedition is a project by Meridian Learning Center  -  it is a source, where you can learn about sustainable development practices and stay updated on ongoing processes. It is our ambition to create an active self-sustained community,  that will develop this project, thus contributing to the increased public visibility and support of the change-makers of the world.

About the Founder


Hi, my name is Alina Nielsen and I am very passionate about sustainable development and environmental activities.

But not only about the ideas – I am interested in the practical work – what people around the world are actually doing to do something good for our planet and the society. It inspired me to take a specialized education at Aalborg University in Copenhagen in 2017 where I received a Master’s degree in Learning processes and Innovative Change.


My academic publications feature:

- “Participation of citizens in the city’s environmental programs for waste sorting” (2017)

- “Development of environmentally-oriented ecological awareness of citizens” (2018)

- “The efficiency of NGO’s in developing countries” (2019)


It was at the end of my university degree, when I started thinking about how I can play a part in the global sustainability processes not only by pressing the “like” button, but actually making a practical contribution to the achievement of UN Global Goals.

I started developing a project, dedicated to the development of a digital center for informal education, where my team and I would be able to share the global practices with a wide audience, using a vast variety of educational instruments.

My primary goal was to develop a digital learning tool titled “Sustainable development in practice – digital non-formal learning”.


While preparing the project, I participated in the International Conference on The Agreement to Prevent Unregulated High Seas Fisheries in the Central Arctic Ocean in Arkhangelsk (2019), where I was invited to speak on the importance of highlighting the ongoing activities and introduce my initiative.

Right before the start of my search in West Africa, our team summited one of the Seven Summits -Mount Elbrus, in pursuit of drawing the attention to sustainable development processes.

Then started the practical search for innovative solutions in West Africa (2020) – we managed to cover over 30 initiatives in Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal, showing that these countries have many ongoing solutions, when it comes to practical contribution to the global and local development.

Some of the results of this search are already published on this website and there will be much more to come.

My findings inspired me and my team to unite the ongoing sustainable development initiatives in one database, to have a clear overlook of the existing solutions.

We are now reaching out to key stakeholders to expand and create an active community that will share, create and enhance the existing knowledge.


If you are interested in being a part of this project and play your part in creating a platform that really matters – contact us here.


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