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Our Route

The expedition commenced in Morocco in January 2020

The expedition will proceed at a vertical angle South through the Sahara desert and continue South through Africa until it reaches Antarctica. Subsequently, the expedition will move Northbound through the Americas until it reaches the Arctic circle. We will use the -15°-30° and 90°-60° meridian ranges as guidelines.


The preliminary itinerary is listed below in chronological order:



Morocco – W. Sahara – Mauritania – Senegal - Gambia - Guinea-Bissau - Guinea - Côte d'Ivoire - Ghana - Togo - Benin - Nigeria – Cameroon – Equatorial Guinea - Gabon – Congo – DRC – Angola – Zambia – Zimbabwe – Botswana – Namibia - South Africa

Update: As you can see, the original route has changed. So did the world in 2020. We shall adapt and go on. Stay tuned for updates on our route!





Chile – Argentina – Uruguay – Paraguay – Bolivia – Peru – Ecuador- Colombia – Panama – Costa Rica – Nicaragua – Jamaica – Cuba – The Bahamas – U.S.A. – Canada – Greenland (Denmark).


The Arctic



Svalbard (Norway) – Norway – Sweden – Poland - Czech Republic – Austria – Slovenia – Italy and back to Algeria




In order to ensure a detailed, thorough and accurate account of the expedition it is necessary to spend a minimum of one month in each country on our way. The approximate duration of the entire expedition is estimated to be 3-4 years.

The expedition will use the above-mentioned itinerary as guidance, but not as a firm instruction. Adjustments will be made according to the unfolding situation as well as the opportunities that will be presented along the way.

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