Our Team 

Ms. Alina Titova-Nielsen

Russian-Danish adventurer and mountain-climber

Holds a masters degree in development processes. 



Mr. Vasily Ryabov

Former diplomat,

specialist in international relations 



Mr. Yuri Gorlyshev


Responsible for the technological aspect of the expedition



and Mr.Bear

(the best travel companion ever)


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Our partners

We enjoy the support from like-minded companies.

     Changing the world for the better together

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Canadian eco products company that facilitates conscientious and mindful purchasing, encouraging people to live authentically by using sustainable, compostable, and recyclable eco products.


Green Beaver is a Canadian company, the mission of which is to provide natural body products that allow you to take care of your health and your family while respecting the environment. 


Reducing greenhouse gas emmissions by converting CO2 into carbon negative biofuels.

Making desalination a sustainable practice for securing freshwater, by converting toxic reject brine into a commodity product (salt).