A farm in the Sahara

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Guelmim, Morocco is sometimes called the gates to Sahara. After 30 days we now entered the desert region - we are preparing to seeing sand for at least two months. But suddenly from the start of the desert we were amazed - after seeing a real farm in the desert.

Wissal and Amine Ben Moussa have since 2018 been growing a big variety of vegetables at Domaine Nzaha and promoting a healthy and sustainable way of growing and consuming vegetables. And that is in one of the most dry regions on the planet! As well as without pesticides!

They are working with the local villages in explaining the importance of keeping track and knowing where your veggies come from and that they were grown naturally.

It is a perfect example of people that act and strive for change themselves instead of waiting for others to do something for them.

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