Our Team 

Ms. Alina Titova-Nielsen

Russian-Danish adventurer and mountain-climber

Holds a masters degree in development processes. 



Mr. Vasily Ryabov

Former diplomat,

specialist in international relations 



Mr. Yuri Gorlyshev


Responsible for the technological aspect of the expedition



and Mr.Bear

(the best travel companion ever)


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A mild storm in the Sahara desert

On our way South to the city of Dakhla we were caught in a storm. The visibility swings from a couple hundred meters to zero. As soon as you step outside of your shelter, you are bound to have sand in your eyes. It's as if you have too much sleep in your eyes. The bus stops at small cafes along the road, travellers sit down and calmly have their tea, porridge and some bread with olive oil, while the storm is booming outside. This is only a brief preview of the Sahara desert - the largest hot desert in the world. We are currently still near the coast, getting to adapted to new conditions. We are soon going deeper into the continent.