Aquaculture and Sustainable Fish

The ongoing nutritional crisis is a threat to all of us! Too often do companies lower the quality of food in order to make more quantities of food, yet it is also not enough. Even the fish in the sea are poisoned by all that pollution (88% of the sea surface is already polluted by plastic waste).

When we were in Senegal we visited a man who showed us that is possible to take the solution in your own hands locally and contribute to it being solved globally.

He is growing different types of fish in his own fish farm - without any pesticides and other harmful chemicals or anitibiotics. Thanks to his farm, he is able to produce one thousand (1000!) fish per week.

That would imply that his efforts are also feeding the neighbouring villages that now have the opportunity to consume healthy fish, even if they live far from the coast.

Yes, we must admit that there are many problems around us, but there are also many people who are already working on solving these issues themselves. And in our opinion, we are to do everything we can to assist them, at least by sharing this video with you and spreading the word about this good example.

Stay healthy and think sustainably.

We will continue our search for such smart and helpful initiatives and share our findings with you.

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