Arrival in Casablanca

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

The expedition has commenced on January 22, 2020 when our plane landed in Casablanca, Morocco.

Right from the start we started our work - the meetings, the production, the learning.

We are now exploring Casablanca and with every second the city is unraveling with numerous wonders, showing us the beauty of the national culture.

We are learning new things about the city every day - why the many people are just standing in the streets leaning against the wall, why some men enter houses and start imitating the sounds of a goat, why we are not asked to take our shoes off when entering a house and what the people from different social layers are like.

Concerning projects within sustainable development - you will be in for a treat. There are so many of them here in Morocco. It is a bit sad that we are spending so little time here - the country has so much to offer in terms of sustainability.

We will do our best to learn about as many as we can and share our findings with you.

On a little side note - it is really cold in Casablanca - the houses have no central heating and the temperature at night inside is barely higher than on the street: +5.

See you in a couple of days! Until then - stay tuned on our Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

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