Art of the Island of Ngor

Found some great Senegalese modern art on a beautiful island. Happy to share with you!

Take a look at this island - welcome to Ngor. A perfect getaway from the busy Dakar.

A petite place not far away from the coast, populated by only 100 people (and loads of lizards too).

The views feature low coasts, high cliffs, calm and deadly waves, schools, art workshops, small cafes and peaceful people strolling down the narrow streets of this cozy paradise.

Just on the coast, we stumbled upon an art workshop owned by the famous Abdoulaye Diallo, the Shepherd of the Island of Ngor, who welcomed us to his studio and shared his knowledge on contemporary art in Senegal.

A very exciting experience that we love to share with you.

You can always learn more about Mr. Diallo by visitng his web-site:

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