Bananas With Vanilla Taste

Bananas that taste like vanilla! No kidding!

We often hear that the conditions of a country (climate, politics, mentality) are the reasons for the abscense of certain foods like fruits and vegetables. And then the people of the country have to import those things from abroad and thus have to pay a higher price.

Why is that? Because they go used to it.

We met a man in Senegal, in West Africa, who is growing his bananas himself on his 25 hectar plantation. He does them in a sustainable and ecological way - without any pesticides and other chemicals.

He says that it is hard work, but it is paying off, because he can supply this whole region with healthy bananas. And as a bonus - these Senegalese bananas are so natural, that they have a richer taste and a strong hint of vanilla! Wow!

It is time to take a fresh look at the things we are used to and do something that will benefit you, your neighbours and the ecosystem of the region you live in.

Such small local steps can contribute to a global solution to world nutritional problems. And we can do that by supporting such people and sharing videos about them as well.

We will continue our search for such smart and helpful initiatives and share our findings with you.

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