Best Compost and Fertiliser with Worms

Vermicomposting will make you the coolest and most interesting person in the neighbourhood! Why? Because it’s 2020 and sustainable activities are the biggest trend for those who care about the environment.

That is what we learned in Agadir, Morocco.

When you are talking about agriculture and smart solutions to modern problems, you cannot forget to mention vermicompost.

Some might ask you what that is and you can simply say that it is basically worm manure. And it is in itself a super-compost.

It may revive the soil even in the areas where water is scarce and the sand is everywhere.

The worms turn organic matter, like kitchen waste, into a dark rich compost, which in turn provides nutrients to the soil, its structure, increases its water holding ability and acts as a source of many beneficial bacteria.

Vermicompost is usually produced in small quantities and is given as an add-on to the most demanding plants. But if you produce it in bigger quantities, you would be able to change the agriculture of a whole region forever.

And that is what Barhoum Kharbouch is striving for. He is conducting experiments in order to find the perfect worm balance that is most suitable for moroccan soil.

Since the process takes time, he thought about optimising it as well, by inventing a machine that mixes the worms and the soil in layers automatically.

By scaling his research and production of vermicompost, he can change his country for the better. Another great example of a person who acts, instead of waiting for someone else.

Share this post so that his research and invention will inspire others to follow his footsteps and do something beneficial and inspiring.

And of course you are welcome to contact Barhoum on his website - to learn more and simply wish him good luck in his work. He deserves it.

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