Biking with the Locals for Sustainability

Once more we are talking about sustainable tourism. Last time we learned about how you can contribute to the global sustainability by choosing an eco-hotel (link below) and this time we are talking about transportation.

72 percent of tourism's CO2 emissions come from transportation. Planes account for 55% of those transportation CO2 emissions (or 40% of tourism's total) that leaves us with with 32% of CO2 coming from transportation of tourists within the country.

Now what can be done about it? How can you enhance your trip to Morocco from both the cultural and sustainable perspectives?

We learned the answer after visiting Pikala Bikes. Pikala means “bicycle” in Darija, the spoken language of Morocco. They are working on promoting bicycles as a great means of learning the Moroccan cities to know.

It amazed us how much more you can learn if you grab a bike and go on an adventure through the streets of Marrakesh, while listening to the stories and legends of the city. By sticking to such practices of sustainable tourism you support the development of local communities as well - Pikala supports young people and gives them a job, while teaching them many advanced skills that will support them later on in life.

Pikala is founded by Cantal Bakker, who came to Marrakesh as a tourist and saw the opportunities that could be opened with a bike and decided to stay in the city and develop the cycling culture herself.

Next time you are in Morocco - grab a bike and hit the road. You are going to learn and see much more than you expected.

To learn more about Pikala bikes:

And their Facebook:

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