Dakar Rally

The famous Dakar Rally hasn't been held in Dakar for more than 10 years! Instead it is held in Latin America and last time in Saudi Arabia.

Nevertheless, a group of local enthusiasts gathers once in a while on their 4x4 to explore the beautiful country and get to places, usually unaccessible.

The scenery is various, like the country itself - it starts at the coast, then savanna and then the desert. An exciting experience for anyone who is tired of sitting around in the city and want to see what it is like on the out side, in the free.

The further North, towards Mauritania we went, the hotter was the sun. At some point it reached +45, and it was as if we were back to the Sahara.

Good weekend, but it is soon time to get back to work. See you again soon! #meridian_expedition

Thanks for all the support you give us on our journey! Don't forget to write to us, once in a while at themeridian2019@gmail.com

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