Day 128 - Fula Language and Villages

We continued our exploration of the northern villages in Senegal.

The villagers received the donation very well and held a press conference for the local newspapers and radio stations. There are 14 regions in Senegal, each have their local radio-stations and news, often more than one, since there are many languages spoken in Senegal. At least nine.

On average, a senegalese can freely speak in three languages.

Talking about languages, here is another portion of the Fula language, that I picked up during the day.

Meat - Teu;

One Ui-mi - It’s hot;

Njamo - Right;

Namo - Left;

Bedi-yidi - I want;

Lelade - To sleep;

Jodo - Take a seat;

Debo - Girl;

Gorko - Boy;

Joni - Now;

Warg - Tea;

Yara - Drink;

Leid - Sand;

Latzo - House

I must admit, that it is not the correct way to write the words - I write what I hear. Pretty sure it will help me later on - Fula is a language widely spoken in West Africa.

Even though the region is a deserted one, if you go a little more north, you will stumble upon a beautiful river. The water was beautifully clean and had a stunning hint of blue.

Around it there is a number of villages, scattered in this picturesque view. Yes, the houses are old and built of natural materials (prevents the interior from overheating, by the way). But if you take a closer look, you will spot the satellite dish, indicating that the household is much more developed than you might think.

In another village we noticed a payphone, but it was out of order. I will call home another day then.

At some point we got lost and had to use the compass to get back on the big road. It took us a while, but it was worth it - we saw the beautiful landscapes that we didn’t expect to see.

At home we prepared some traditional tea. It will take you about 40 minutes (minimum) to prepare and it will be stronger than coffee, two small glasses are surely enough to keep you going all day.

Take care.


P.S. Our stuff is infected with some strange flies - even the laptop. They are over everything.

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