Hand-made Boats/Pirogue in Dakar

How do the famous pirogues of Senegal get made?

We visited Dakar’s Soumbédioune beach and talked to some of the people who build these boats. It is hard not to notice, when you go down the long coastal road - the Corniche.

The master builders are located just next to the famous fish market of Soumbédioune. Be sure to buy your fish there (hint: it is best to buy your fish after 16.00 when the fresh stuff comes on the menu).

The pirogues are both built and repaired here. Most of the clients are Senegalese - they need the pirogues to capture the fish. Since it is a big deal here - all the pirogues even get an official number plate.

We hope this video will show you a little more about Senegal and Africa, than your news channel.

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For further reading on the pirogues check out this amazing article: https://theculturetrip.com/africa/senegal/articles/meet-the-pirogue-builders-of-senegal/

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