Machine Learning for the Environment

This young lady from Senegal used the principles of machine learning to track illegal gold mining activities in her country!

She developed an algorithm, that compares maps from different periods of time and automatically notifies about environmental changes near legal gold mining sites. These changes can indicate illegal activities, that should be stopped in order to prevent environmental issues in the future.

Marame Ngom is now in process of her PhD in the Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar, Senegal. Her supervisor Modou Mbaye told us that thanks to Marame's innovation, she can help her country become a safer and better place.

We sincerely hope that her example can inspire others to pursue intelligent goals and clever initiatives. Be sure to contact her and send her some kind words of support!

It is important to highlight people like Marame both nationally and internationally! And that is our mission.

We will continue our search for such smart and helpful initiatives and share our findings with you.

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