Permaculture Farm in the Sahara

You would think it is impossible to grow healthy and colourful vegetables in the Sahara desert without any pesticides.

Indeed, it may sound impossible in these harsh conditions - the wind, the sand, the lifeless soil, the heat, the absence of infrastructure (we can go on listing various hazards).

But look at this farm at the Gates to Sahara. This is Domaine Nzaha, where Wissal and Amine Ben Moussa decided to set an example that there is no region that cannot be rehabilitated.

It took them a couple of years to revive the lifeless soil by using certain techniques and lifestyle that is know as permaculture.

Permaculture is an innovative, sustainable way of living, which is adopting various parts of indigenous cultures around the world, and turned into a big life strategy, with the goal of creating living, evolving systems that mimic nature, produce food and energy and regenerate, rather than annihilate, the Earth.

One more time - a super-sustainable way of living, where you think about the regeneration of everything around you instead of consumption. Like creating your own ecosystem. Gardening and farming is only a part of permaculture, not the whole picture.

And that is what Domaine Nzaha does - by adapting a new lifestyle, they created an ecosystem in the desert and the whole region started benefiting from them.

Domaine Nzaha supplies neighbouring households with healthy vegetables and promotes a thoughtful way of living.

They set a great example of small steps that can make big changes - both locally and internationally (if you help them spread the word by sharing this post).

Such practical initiatives can contribute to the solution to modern problems of food security.

It is time to make such people popular, those who act, those who find and work on the solution. The time is now!

Go check them out -

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