Planting Trees in Dakar

15 tonnes of trash were removed from this place overlooking the mighty ocean in Dakar, Senegal.

It was done by the Ecolibri Association, lead by Maha Baalbaki. She is Senegalese and was working abroad for a long time and when she came back to Dakar, she couldn't recognise her city. It was polluted with waste, especially in the most beautiful areas, that could have been parks.

The reason we admire Ecolibri and Maha Baalbaki is because when she saw something about her native city she didn't like - she acted.

Every Sunday, together with her partners, she organised clean-up events in the city. In two years it developed into a big association, with young senegalese being inspired by Ecolibri and joining it to make their city a beautiful place together.

We are urging you to take action as well. It doesn't mean that you should drop everything and establish sustainable associations. But you can help those who are already doing something positive in this world.

Or, if your schedule is too busy - just plant a tree.

We learned that Ecolibri can actually help you with that as well - you can arrange for them to plant the tree and they will give a GPS identificator of the tree, so you can always check up on your new Senegalese friend.

Ecolibri will then take care of the tree for a whole year (because after one year it becomes selv-sustainable).

Check out their page and get inspired to follow their example!

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Keep Dakar clean!

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