Recycling Plastic in Dakar

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Plastic recycling is a a positive trend in our world nowadays. Instead of waiting for someone else to spark the interest of the senegalese youth in recycling, they do it themselves!

Plastic waste is a big issue for both the environment and people. It pollutes the soil, endangers the health of farm animals and wildlife, including marine animals that confuse plastic bags with food and can die of suffocation. In urban areas plastic waste cloggs sewers and can turn into breeding sites for mosquitoes that transmit yellow fever, malaria and other deadly infections.

Disposal of plastic, burning it like any other waste is not a solution - it produces various toxic substances and gases, that can cause human diseases - from respiratory diseases to cancer.

In 2020 Senegal will significantly restrict import and usage of plastic, standardise the manufacturing processes, quality management, to ensure the production of reusable and more resistant products. This will lead to an increase in recycling of plastic, better processing of plastic waste and to a higher level of environmental protection.

Yet, plastic itself is not an enemy - not recycled plastic is. That is why The Meridian Expedition visited a workshop that is collecting and grinding different types of plastic (namely PET, LDPE and HDPE), before sending them further to get recycled. These guys are doing a very inspiring thing.

Such initiatives are one of the key elements in Senegalese efforts in countering the existing problems with plastic waste.

Check out this episode of The Meridian Expedition, discovering Senegal from the smart side and sharing it with you!

You are always welcome to contact the guys if you want to help them in their work:


Le recyclage du plastique est une tendance positive dans notre monde de nos jours.

Au lieu d'attendre que quelqu'un d'autre éveille l'intérêt des jeunes sénégalais pour le recyclage, ils le font eux-mêmes!

Découvrez cet épisode de The Meridian Expedition, découvrez le Sénégal du bon côté et partagez-le avec vous!

Vous êtes toujours les bienvenus pour contacter les gars si vous voulez les aider dans leur travail:

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