Saving Homeless Dogs

Animal protection has always been a topic of global importance. Especially, when it comes to homeless animals. To find put what is being done, we got in contact with the League of Animal Protection (LPA) in Dakar, Senegal.

Do you know how many stray dogs there are worldwide? 200 million! 200 000 000 dogs without a home. And what about cats?

Those estimate up to 600 million! We visited one of the members of the LPA, Ousmane Senghor (also known as Nietzsche), who has been taking care of animals in need since he was a child.

He told us that the LPA is helping unite those whose heart yearns and wants to help the animals find a home or just rescue those, who don’t have shelter whatsoever.

The League also helps find funds for the necessary vaccinations and medical procedures, in case the animals require it.

And remember - next time you want to get a pet - it is better to rescue one by consulting the local animal protection unit.

Be sure to check out the League and contact Nietzsche directly to learn more about the protection of animals in Senegal.

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