Senegalese Ballerinas

Senegal and ballet? Yes! Because Africa is dance and music!

Let us introduce us to Madame Slou - she is known throughout all Africa for her passion for ballet. She is spreading her passion for this art by teaching it for many years in numerous different countries, leaving a huge legacy of young ballerinas.

Nowadays she can be found in the Grand Theatre in Dakar, Senegal. It was a pleasure to see her masterfully finding the right approach to every one of her students, motivating them to strive for a higher culture, by teaching them not only ballet, but manners as well.

She deserves additional credit for paying a lot of attention to attracting students with disadvantages. Thanks to the dancing school of Madame Slou, they get a great chance of being a part of the African social life and ballet culture.

To get the most out of the young ballerinas’ potential, Madame Slou partnered with the Senegalese Chess Federation (we visited them earlier, check them out). This partnership ensures that the talented students have great physical and mental exercise.

It was a pleasure to meet these people, who do their best to elevate their talents and culture of everyone around them.

Make sure you contact Madame Slou to learn more about her ballet school:

And check out our report on the Senegalese Chess Federation:

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