The Ends of the World

Did you know that Antarctica receives a huge amount of sunlight every summer? It would easily be enough to melt all the ice and let us explore the continent of mysteries. But where does the energy go? Is it consumed by the ice and snow? No. Maybe it's getting stolen by someone sneaky along the way? (What, of course no). In fact, most of the energy that the Sun is so generous to offer the sixth continent is reflected from its snow-white surface and gets sent back into space!

The Polar regions play a crucial part in the expedition - they are a part of the itinerary and without them the expedition wouldn't be called vertical but elliptic.

There is, of course, no talking about upcoming great ethnographical content for us in those regions, but about a vast variety of scientific researchers working 24/7 to uncover the history of the region and thus make some forecasts for the future.

These regions are fascinating due to them being excluded from the ususal political confrontations of the world - it is the world of science, where people can collaborate with no regard to their nationality.

The first polar region on our way is the Antarctica - a whole continent of mysteries populated mostly by penguins and people of science. It may seem distant and harsh, but it is worth knowing that Antarctica plays the central role in the regulation of climate processes since the ice currents are moving to the depths of the oceans from the pole to the equator and futher while the contrary happens on the surface of the oceans - the warm winds and air masses move towards colder places.

We are looking forward to be able to work alongside various biologists, geologists, oceanographers, physicists, astronomers, glaciologists and meteorologists while in the region and share their work, discoveries and love for Antarctica with you!

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