Training before the expedition

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Preparations for the expedition are going great! We have received invitations from many universities and projects en route and partnered with a number of fellow green-minded organizations.

But it will take more than just agreements.

Proper training is needed in order to understand what it really takes in order to undertake such a great transglobal expedition. I have hand-picked two willing and capable candidates to accompany me on the expedition from its commencement until its completion.

Last year during my ascent to Mount Elbrus, I endured many hardships. Whether it was the existentialist crises or the purely physical agony, much pain and suffering was forced upon my body and spirit. Despite this unpleasantness, I returned home mentally and physically stronger than ever before.

Afterwards it was clear to me that the entire Meridian team should seek to achieve a similar feat of fortitude so I have asked other members of the expedition to go and summit Mount Elbrus as training for the upcoming expedition. They are now in Russia to do just that and I wish them good luck!

They will be sharing their experiences on our YouTube channel as soon as they get back. 💜🖤

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