Turtle Rescue

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

The Village of the Turtles is a place where people dedicate their time and efforts to the noble goal of protection and preservation of the turtles.

People working in this Village are rescuing turtles from all around the country and take them to this safe place. After that they are treating them, giving them the propper nutrition and care and prepare them to go back into the nature in safe places, mostly in the territories of national parks, where they are protected from their biggest danger - humans.

Unfortunately, the turtles are in danger - they are hunted for their eggs, meat and even blood. That is why such activists and centers and crucial to the global survival of the turtles.

There are many "villages" like this throughout the world and together, a turtle at a time, the save the whole population of this beautiful animal.

This center in particular is also hosting awareness events around the whole country to spread the knowledge about the importance of protection of the turtles and their preservation.

You can always support them by "adopting a turtle", the turtle will be "yours" for a year and all the financial donations will be aimed at the development of this initiative.

They basically started with three turtles and now it is over three hundred! Indeed a great example to follow!

Make sure you check out their page!


We will continue our search for such smart and helpful initiatives and share our findings with you.

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