Visiting the famous Russian traveler

While the guys are in Russia conquering the mountain, I have been doing my preparations for the expedition and visited Hamburg, Germany to meet with the famous Russian traveler and explorer Vladimir Snatenkov and his wife Elena.

These brave explorers took their three children and travelled around Africa for a whole year (!!). They were very kind to invite me and host as a guest of honour. They spent the whole weekend sharing experiences and telling me about their travels.

Vladimir made me much more confident in the upcoming endeavor – his assistance in planning the route turned out to be invaluable. Got many practical tips as well – equipment, health, documents and so on. We have also talked about peculiarities of travelling to DRC, Cameroon, Algeria, Niger, Nigeria and many other countries he had been to.

One of the main points which Vladimir promotes is that the African continent is portrayed in the wrong light in the world media and that most of the people there are welcoming and the culture is rich. I hope that the Meridian will contribute to the betterment of the image of Africa in the world and bring more development processes in the region.

Eager to see Vladimir Snatenkov joining the Meridian en route!

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