Wind Energy in Denmark

Many ago people lived without electricity. And now we suddenly cannot imagine our life without it.

Now the humanity has had over two hundred years of experience and what have we discovered? That the irresponsible use of energy sources doesn’t do our ecosystem any good, right?

Right. Because not only are we polluting our Earth with waste from old-fashioned energy sources, but also using up all of our planet’s resources, as if nobody ever told us that they are not infinite.

You know what is almost infinite? Renewable energy. That is what two hundred years of experience is supposed to bring us - new technologies, aimed at sustaining our ecosystem, while harvesting the energy we need to learn and to grow.

That is what we focus on in this project - the practices, that actually matter and help the humankind grow as a species. And now we would like to draw your attention to one of such solutions - the energy of the wind.

Denmark in one of the leading countries when it comes to harvesting and distributing wind energy - there are over 4000 windmills, and that is only on land. The amount of windmills at sea is currently around 500 and growing.

Here we are concentrating on horizontal-axis turbines, that have three blades and that have to be turned towards the direction of the wind to achieve maximum efficiency.

Yes, these fibreglass blades can be adjusted to catch the passing wind at just the right angle to increase the pressure, that makes the blades rotate and generate the electricity. They start rotating when the air speed is about 3 m/s and shut down automatically if the wind is too violent - 24 m/s.

The power of these wind turbines is growing every year, since the best engineers are working on finding the best solution that works for both the people and the environment.

Currently Denmark is producing 16.161.311 MWh, which for you may say absolutely nothing, but if we say that it is 47.1% of the overall danish energy consumption, you will suddenly realise, that it is indeed a lot.

Many people say that it is not efficient and counter-productive. Well, if you look at how much coal was productive in the beginning, you may see results that are worse. In any case, it is better to follow the example of those who strive for long-term development and sustainable solutions, instead of those who want to do things fast and cheap.

Because we don’t have that many resources to afford cheap energy anymore.

Thus the Danish windmills check out many of the Sustainable Development goal in one go. Let’s count them together:

7 - Affordable and clean energy

9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure.

Any additions? Let us know!

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